Peaceful Classics Clothes Drying Rack| Foldable and Stable Laundry Drying Rack| Drying Rack for Washed Clothes| Free Standing Drying Rack Clothing| Indoor and Outdoor Laundry Rack (Large) Home & Kitchen

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About this item Imperial Quality: Unlike cheap or flimsy portable air drying racks our clothes drying rack folding indoor made of premium quality solid maple wood which gives strong load bearing capacity and stability. Our Sweater Drying Rack is light weight and it’s easy to move from one room to another Amish Handmade: Our laundry drying rack collapsible is handmade. Made in Pennsylvania with solid maple wood for rock hard durability. Our Amish Craftsmen are some of the most incredible people you come across. clothes dryer rack holds full loads of soaking-wet laundry without even wobbling. Our cloth drying rack stand holds the heaviest wet towels or blankets- perfect for apartments and other indoor drying rack needs Suitable for Compact Space: Our laundry racks for drying clothes can easily be folded down for easy storage, turning into less than a third of the size when expanded the washing line will take up minimal storage space. Our Towel Drying Rack is suitable for dorms or apartments with a small area because it does not take up a lot of space. It is also ideal for homes without a laundry room, and residential buildings that don’t have drying cages. Lightweight and Adjustable: Our clothes rack drying is 40″ wide x 60″ height x 20″ depth and Weighs 20 lbs. The compact design ensures drying rack clothing foldable can be used in any room around your home. You don’t have to assemble; our Clothing Drying Rack arrives fully assembled. Due to its light weight and foldable design it’s easy to move from one place to another. Customer Satisfaction: We are so confident in the quality of our premium quality folding drying rack. Our first priority is to satisfy our customer and always try to give customer the best quality products. Feel free to ask questions about our dry rack for clothes.

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10 reviews for Peaceful Classics Clothes Drying Rack| Foldable and Stable Laundry Drying Rack| Drying Rack for Washed Clothes| Free Standing Drying Rack Clothing| Indoor and Outdoor Laundry Rack (Large) Home & Kitchen

  1. Leslie JLeslie J

    This drying rack is so well built. It completely crushes the competition from any other rack I’ve tried. All the metal ones I’ve owned have fallen apart. I am very happy I bought this.

  2. Ron C.

    This rack is everything it should be, and it excels where other’s fall short. It’s sturdy for it’s size with only 1/2″ dowels but it performs like a rack made of steel! 3/4″ dowels definitely aren’t necessary since it’s made of hardwood. The wood is sanded to the point where there is no way clothes will get snagged. It folds smoothly and stores well. There’s no doubt this rack will become a family heirloom like the one it replaced in my family that lasted three generations. I wish everything in today’s world was made to this level of craftsmanship. This American made product clearly outperforms the off-shore garbage in every way!

  3. William H. Osborne Jr.

    I am very happy with the clothes rack. While there are other cheaper alternatives I think that I made the right decision to pay up for a well made American product. I expect to get many years of trouble free service from it. I got the mid sized version. I think that is the best choice for most as it is has ample room to hang clothes or towels without taking up too much floor space.

  4. Gorman Pedigrew

    Old-fashioned simplicity and quality. This is a sturdy rack, which we wanted after reading reviews of cheaper ones that often fall apart. Well packaged, nothing to assemble, easy to set up. Unless you only do small laundry loads, I suggest getting the large size. The wood is smooth, doesn’t snag. Before using this, I wiped it down with a damp cloth in case any dust or particles clung to the rungs, but this was unnecessary — the cloth was quite clean after the wipe-down. It’s easy to fold up, but, frankly, it looks good enough to leave up most of the time. We were hang-drying so many items that it made sense to just rack-dry about everything instead of wasting money on running the dryer. Yes, clothes are not as soft when dried on a rack, but after about five minutes of wearing them, they’re fine. We use this inside the house and most items dry in a few hours. Pull pockets out and turn heavier items a couple times as they dry.

  5. Iphobic

    I love this thing, i think i could do chin ups from it ! A truly well made product, thank you.

  6. Tish Lavrenz

    This product is the best! Very quality made, obviously made with pride. I would give the product a 5+, but the amazon service a -1. It couldn’t be sent to my location, so I had to have it sent to my son who lives 150 miles away and pick it up there. Why it couldn’t be sent here is the mystery of the century!! I’d suggest bypassing amazon and buying direct from the company.

  7. Meow Me

    I was so tired of metal racks gradually falling apart (I was on my fourth rack that broke) so I just ordered this out of desperation. It’s huge, but I hang most of my clothes and I don’t like to do laundry more that 1 x every 2 weeks so out of desperation I just decided to get this guy and go big. I have no problem finding a place to hang stuff now. There is no buckling or collapsing. It’s certainly not flimsy at all. Only thing they could improve on is having a little over hang in the corner joints to hang other stuff like strappy thing or unmentionables that you wouldn’t want to take up a huge amount of space because they dry quickly. Very satisfied customer. It stores rather largely between my fridge and the wall which makes it hard to put brooms that used to go there but I’ll figure it out.

  8. LabLoverMJ

    This drying rack is so much sturdier and bigger than previous racks I’ve had! Seriously solid craftsmanship, which was no surprise when I saw where it came from; I’ve been an in-person customer of Peaceful Valley for years, with many pieces of their handmade pine furniture in my house that are still going strong after 15-20 years. Completely worth the higher price; I may even buy a second one and stop using our gas dryer for even more of our clothing.

  9. John Smaha

    We have been looking for a drying rack for a while and tried a few and this is the drying rack to beat them all! Buy this drying rack and you will throw all of your drying racks away. This drying rack looks great, does a great job and makes drying clothes so much easier. Buy this drying rack today!

  10. Fokkerd3red

    These people know how to make furniture that will last a lifetime. The fact that it’s made in the United States and the quality is superb.

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